New Pressbrake Machine coming in June 2022
New Pressbrake Machine coming in June 2022

New Pressbrake Machine coming in June 2022

Source Metals is planning on adding a 175 Ton Pressbrake machine to it’s Value Added lineup this summer.

Unique Design:
The unique “Rocker Arm” Design of the Advantage machine has been tried and proven in a vast number of shops ranging from high precision sheet metal to heavy fabrication applications.

Power Ram Adjustment:
The Power Adjustment allows for fine adjustments of the ram level, optimizing ram/bed parallelism to match various tooling characteristics and doing fade out work. It is easily adjusted via pushbuttons located on the operator control station.

Forming Accuracy:
Accurpress Rocker Arm machines maintain consistently high repeat accuracy over years of dedicated usage; a testament to the quality and longevity of this machine. The optional Advantage Package adds a proportional valve and dual ram encoders which enhances the overall full length bending accuracy for off-center and stage bending applications.

Quality Components:
Accurpress adheres to the highest standards of workmanship utilizing hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical components recognized globally for their high quality and standards of perfection.

Tooling Compatibility:
The Accurpress Advantage is machined to accept American tooling or otherwise prepped for optional Hydraulic Clamping Systems integrated to the machine.

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